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The V th - I still love you

I'm strong, independent gay taking charge of my own life. My mother has always been proud of my achievements. The Duchess of Sudovia was born in a different era. During her time homophobia was acceptable. But it changed. Plus she is my mother... The mother's love will be stronger than homophobia. She will accept me. She won't have another choice. Because I'm her only son. And I'm the one destined to become the next Duke of Sudovia. My future wife Marujama Esmiroda supports me.
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  1. Does it mean that all people who don't agree with gays need to be slaughtered? Count me in.

    1. The mother represents Lithuanian homophobic people point of view. Marujama Esmiroda represents European Union point of view. They both collide in this 3D Manga story


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