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The IV th - Turn your pain into power

Our family came to the Giltine Palace... The Duchess Giltine is the friend of my father. He came to the Duchy of Sudovia to make a business deal with her. My uncle, my evil uncle joined us during this trip. I hate him. I hate my father for not believing me. I hate them all.

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My father came into my room. He found me with the knife. I smiled at him. He was shocked and confused. His eyes showed shame and disgust. He left me in the Giltine Palace. He engaged me to the future Duke of Sudovia. The father didn't want to see or speak with me. Because he blamed me for being raped by his brother.

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  1. Freaking dark shit... HE DESERVED to be slaughtered like a pig. Xxxxx

    1. This story represent one of the biggest Lithuanian society problems - violence against women.


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